Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ASW Watercolor Brush Sale!

Hello, how did you enjoy Guy Deliesle's speech? thanks to those who came, look forward to seeing you friday!

Down to business...Now, I must inform all you lovely people about a wonderful place I discovered this summer. It is my shangri-la, if you will, a place which is called...the Art Supply Warehouse. It is the perfect haven for art material geeks to gaze upon the joys of owning import art supplies like Lukas Acrylics, and finding great deals popping up every week on supplies that you actually need...like this one.

ASW is having up to %90 off all Watercolor Brushes!

Yes...this means the much coveted W&N Series 7 and Raphäel brushes that cartoonists around the world drool over, but can never afford. Well now you can!

SALE ENDS THIS FRIDAY, but they still have normally awesome deals on these brushes.

Now being the supreme art supply geek that I am, I just had to inform you all of this deal, because I guarantee you won't find a better time to buy these beauties ever again.

If you've never inked with a brush, these are the general suggested cartoonist inking sizes:

FIRST OFF, REMEMBER: KOLINSKY SABLE! Any brush made with genuine Kolinsky hair is bound to be good, but these are what many highly suggest getting:

W&N Series 7 #2 and #4 is loved by many and is the basic awesome brush. Normally they cost upwards of 30/60 bucks a pop for these sizes respectively, and now they are down to around 10/20 with this sale! Before I got a Series 7 I couldn't ink with a brush if my life depended on it...now, I can't imagine going back to a nib! They're just amazing. Period. Everyone should know the joys of owning one.

Raphäel Series 840 of the same numbers, are alternatives of the standard awesome cartoonist brushes. A while back I got Pat some for his birthday, and they've just made his inking more awesome-er, if possible. lol They cost about the same-ish as W&N, but it depends on the size you get.

So in conclusion, if you don't have one of these brushes and are planning on doing serious Cartooning work, now's the time to get them before this sale ends!! I can almost guarantee your teachers will make you get them Sophmore year if they haven't already. Might as well get it done now and start practicing! :D

And just so you know, this seller is very good and trustworthy. I have purchased many things from this site within these past months, and they have never let me down. (unfortunately that includes a backup W&N before I knew about this sale! lol) They have great deals all the time, and I highly recommend them for buying any art supplies you may need. Their deals are so good, a starving artist can finally afford the best stuff to work with! I mean...damn, I love this site so much. <3

umm...okay I'm gonna stop rambling now. Just go already! lol

Happy Shopping!
- Allison Strejlau, Notorious ASW Lover, CA.