Saturday, September 19, 2009

Convention Season is Upon Us!!!

Hello, Allies,

Pat here.  As you all know, convention season is starting up this weekend!  I hope you're all excited!  I know I am!

By now, you've all made a decision as to which convention (between SPX and Anime Fest) you're going to (if you're attending a convention at all).  It's REALLY important that you know what your shift will be and that everything is in order.  Anime Fest has an extensive list of shifts, which will be e-mailed out to those who it applies to.  Make sure you show up on time (if not early) to your shift, so as not to piss off everyone else. :)

***NOTE: This portion applies ONLY to the attendees of SPX: IF WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED YOUR $20 DEPOSIT, YOU NEED TO TURN IT IN IMMEDIATELY!  Call or text me (Pat Woodruff) at 732-770-0560 as soon as you read this message!  If we don't receive your deposit soon, we will not be buying bus tickets for you.  You can still come with us, but you'll need to buy your own tickets.  Either way, MAKE SURE TO KEEP US POSTED!  PLEASE don't make your fellow Allies have to pay more for this trip than they were expecting to!***

Basic operation at the convention: when you get there, you call the point person on duty.  For SPX, Allison and I will be your point people for both days; Anime Fest will receive notification of who to call in the e-mail including the shifts.  You will meet a point person somewhere outside the convention area where they will give you  badge to get in.  You will walk by security and to the Cartoon Allies booth, where you will return your badge.  Remember, after your shift, you're free to walk around the convention floor for the rest of the day! :D

If anyone has any other questions about either convention, write us an e-mail at .

The point of these conventions is to have fun, so let's go out there and have a blast!

- Pat Woodruff, President of Cartoon Allies