Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ogi, Gui, and Cons.

Hey Allies, new and old!

Our first meeting was a huge success, with a crazy turnout of over 80 people! We all know it won't be like that all the time, but the fact that it was is really good for the club. (your signatures mean we can maybe get more monies to do more awesome stuff!) I hope to see you at future meetings, and I promise they will be more than just us rambling on. ^__^

Some upcoming events include:

Guy ("Gui") Delisle: Published with Drawn and Quarterly, creator of Burma Chronicles, Shenzhen and Pyongyang. This will be on Monday, Sept 14 at 7pm in the CA room, 703G. Don't skip class to come! (ugh even I can't go, how sad!) It should be really cool though.

Fusami Ogi: A Japanese professor specializing in shoujo manga talks this Friday, Sept 18, in the CA room at 7pm. Talks like these are great to come to even if you're not interested in manga at all! It's always great to hear from other cultures and successful artists from around the world. :D

Before her talk we will be talking more about how to work the tables and the specifics of the con (which will probably be put here too) but be sure to get there at 6:30! :D

Upcoming Cons:

SPX (Small Press Expo): Weekend of Sept 26th (Sat & Sun) in Bethesda, MD. An awesome indie con where comics are like candy and the people reflect your future. Here is the SPX website if you want to see for yourself! Expect to pay around $100 to go for bus and hotel fees just to be safe, last year it was around 80 I think. Next meeting we will be requiring a $20 deposit, so be completely on board by next week or else! lol

Anime Fest (NYAF): ALSO the weekend of Sept 26th (Fri, Sat & Sun) in the Jacob Javitz Center right here in Manhattan. The scheduling gods were not on our side this year, so choose wisely. A large amount of people signed up, but just remember that you get in for free on the day you will be working your 1 hr shift. If you haven't been to something like this before, be sure to come next week for a demonstration of the rules and how to work the booth. :)

Inkstains: 1st deadline is Oct 23! 6 pages max, B&W, try to stay away from washes if you can. Submissions can be given to one of the point people in person, or you can leave it on Pat's studio desk, #12 (provided there's someone in there to let you in, but by that time there most likely will be). If you don't know where the senior studios are, it's the last door...uhh...forgot the room number, but it's the last door in the hallway where most of the cartooning classes are? O__o; We can show ya next meeting if you want. ^__^;;

Ah...I have also created a Twitter for the club! It can be found at cartoonallies. Just in case you're into that sorta thing. :D

Also lookie at the awesome links bar! It has everything you may be looking for, and links to some interesting comic sites and etc, you should really check 'em out. Will be updated with more stuff, but I mean...I did that at 3am when I came home from work, so bear with me a bit. lol What other stuff do you want to see there?

As always, any suggestions for events, trips, etc can be e-mailed to us at

Okay, that's it for now! I will be probably updating the blog with more details on con stuff next. Or maybe online comic suggestions? Or how about links to comic tutorials? Either way, it'll probably be a good idea to stay tuned! :D

- Allison Strejlau, CA.


  1. Everyone should check out Tom Hart's great first installment of "Barney Banks" at

  2. Can we cosplay our Original Characters D:? That wouldn't be considered as fan art would it?

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