Monday, September 20, 2010

Edwin Huang

Graduated: 2010 
 Major: Cartooning 
 Recent Sightings
  • 7th floor hallway (that "Monkey King" comic that probably caused you to stop in your tracks at least once between last September and May, right)
  • Inkstains (below) 
  • The Village Voice (down and right)

Boxing Flapper - Inkstains cover

This time last year, Edwin Huang was just settling into his senior studio space...  By this Wednesday, his work will be on comic racks nationwide.  

(Read on to catch the title of the new series, as we catch up with Edwin in an email interview...)

An Interview with Edwin Huang  by Hilary Allison...  8/30/10

 "Straight Bears"- The Village Voice 6/10
HA:  Who are your current/recent clients?  Are you under contract?
EH:  I'm currently working on a comic called SkullKickers for Image comics. SkullKickers is written and created by Jim Zubkavich. I'm currently on pencils and inks with Misty Coats on colors and Chris Stevens doing covers. I'm also currently freelancing on the side at Spek Studios doing storyboards and illustrations for a documentary film. 
from Taking Whole

HA:  How did you find those jobs, or how did they find you?
EH:  I met Jim two years ago at the San Diego Comic-Con and got his business card. I shot him a blind email about a year later after I built a portfolio that I was decently confident with. Jim was kind enough to email me back. We exchanged emails for a bit until we got serious about reviving his SkullKickers idea. The title took off from there.

 HA:  Is cartooning/illustration your only stint? 
 EH:  Cartooning and illustrating is definitely my passion, but I am also a Street Fighter nut. Challenge me, I dare ya =]

HA:  Can you show us the illustration/comic that you're currently proudest of? 
EH:  I'm proud and honored to be working with Jim on SkullKickers. Here's a preview of the first issue @ Newsarama. Comes out Sept. 22!

from Skullkickers
HA:  How much experience did you have, prior to SVA? 
EH:  Zero. I started reading comics during high school and drew pin-ups here and there. I drew my very first comic in sophomore year of College.

HA:  Did you do anything with Cartoon Allies? 
EH:  Plenty! I went to Small Press Expo for the first time through Cartoon Allies. I road tripped there with Nina Kester, Pat Woodruf and Katie Leon. It was a wonderful experience. I also set up shop at every Fresh Meat event while I was in school. I met Scott McCloud there!

from Skullkickers
HA:  What was the best class you ever took here? 
EH:  It's a toss up between Klaus Janson's Principles of Cartooning and Phil Jimenez's Drawing class. Both are amazing teachers and artists with invaluable lessons and tips.

HA:  What do you know now that you wish you knew as a student? 
EH:  How to do comics! I thought it was going to be real easy, but it's not. The language of comics is truly unique and coming to SVA really helped me understand my medium.
Also, thank you Cartoon Allies for an amazing college experience!

HA: Thank you, Edwin.  You make us proud!
Support a comrade and treat yourself to a copy.  
(Sure to be popular topic for discussion this Friday)


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