Monday, October 4, 2010

Famous Peoples Converge

Neil Gaiman the author of Coraline.
Neil Gaiman the author of Sandman.

Bryan Lee O'Malley the author of Scott Pilgrim.
Bryan Lee O'Malley the musician known as Kupek. (did not know)

Matt Madden the author of 99 Ways to Tell a Story.
Jessica Abel the author of La Perdida.
Jessica Abel and Matt Madden the authors of DWWP.
Jessica Abel and Matt Madden, the SVA teachers.
Jessica Abel and Matt Madden, the series editors of Best American Comics anthology.

Matt Madden, Jessica Abel, Bryan Lee O'Malley and Neil Gaiman appearing TOGETHER in 
Union Square, at Barnes and Noble, 
this Thursday at 
7 PM. 

 P.S. Neil Gaiman the guest character on Arthur.