Sunday, February 6, 2011

3rd Manga Recommendation: "O-Parts Hunter"

Need some black-and-white visual stimulation? Let Matt Clark recommend...

O-Parts Hunter
 known in Japan as 666 Satan
by Seishi Kishimoto
19 volumes
published in the US by Viz Media


The story introduces the reader to the world of "O-Parts," ancient weapons with mysterious powers.  A small percentage of the population, known as "O-Part Tacticians," can use these objects. The two main characters, Ruby Crescent and Jio Freed, both have big dreams in this world. Ruby dreams of finding the legendary O-Part while Jio, a kid with half black, half white hair, dreams of world domination. Their chance meeting triggers the series of events through which they will discover what the demon inside Jio really is.


This manga is a good choice for anyone trying to acquaint themselves with mainstream battle manga, even though it's rather dark and not too well known.  The thing I personally like about Kishimoto's work is that his writing style keeps characters likable and allows you watch them grow up without any unnecessary filler. The comic gets its mythology from Judeo-Christian roots of angels and demons, even going so far as to use the actual Kabbalah in the story. This series offers an interesting story that takes its roots from myths and religion and helps the first-time manga reader get their feet wet into the ocean of the manga world.