Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Call to Arms / Operation Mini-Swap

Dust shakes from the ceiling, gliding down in a grey fog, as the building rattles from another fallen shell. The battle outside has been intense; the splotches of ink staining your coat remind you that it's not going to get easier from here. Your walk to this last bastion of resistance, a crumbling cafe run by a guy named Moe, was marked by broken nibs, empty inkwells, and recruitment posters. "Enlist today! Tomorrow's comics depend on today's youth!" "Buy Minicomics!" "YOU give us the ink! WE'LL give 'em awesome!" You're here to meet up with... oh, there he is. Major Arroyo. A fellow in a leather jacket and a fedora steps in and sits across from you. The collar of an olive uniform peeks out from under his jacket as he passes you a missive.

Cartoonist Alliance, SVA Corps
Special Orders // Operation Mini-Swap

By direction of President H. Allison, you have been recruited for active duty based on your skills and knowledge of comics, cartoons, and related media. Between marches through conventions, our operatives will be infiltrating local comic shops, training under the tutelage of highly-distinguished guest commanders, collaborating amongst each other to craft stories unrivaled in sheer radness, and participating in countless other training exercises and field operations to refine their cartooning prowess and cooperation as a unit.

We will be initiating operations on Friday, September 16th. This inaugural meeting will take place at 6:30 PM in room 703G of the East 22nd Street building (between 1st and 2nd Ave). The command staff, including Representative Mayerson, will outline our year-long campaign, organizing the major operations and addressing concerns regarding our practices and the threats ahead.

We will then exchange intelligence in the form of minicomics. Be sure to print copies of your work to trade with your allies, exposing your skills to your peers and sharing your passion with new friends. The senior staff looks forward to seeing your work.

Your participation is crucial to the success of this alliance. May we succeed in all our artistic endeavors and valiantly represent awesome in all its many forms. Stay strong, Ally.

- CA Command

After you take your orders, the Major salutes you and marches on in pursuit of the next determined soldier.

Cartoon Allies hopes to create a fun and safe environment for sharing your art, collaborating, and learning. Our club is a communal resource for our department and beyond, aimed to help us grow as cartoonists, students, and professionals. We've got a sensational semester in the works already, so join us as we embark upon the new year.