Thursday, December 1, 2011

Matt's Good Reads: Gamble Fish

Need some black-and-white stimulation? Join Matt Clark  for Matt's Good Reads, where he'll share what he's been reading (and what you should too) on his breaks from the drafting table. This week he recommends...

Gamble Fish
by Aoyama Hiromi and Yamane Kazutoshi
2007-2010 in Japan
19 volumes, unpublished in the US

Last month I wrote about Liar Game, a manga that involved strategy and thinking in each round of unique games. This next series is similar in the concept of fighting through games, but the premise and plot is completely different. The series of Gamble Fish, written by Aoyama Hiromi and drawn by Yamane Kazutoshi, deals with the son of a notorious swindler named Tomu Shirasagi, who has just transferred to a very prestigious boarding school. His plan for the school is to swindle the students out of a total of 1 billion yen, claiming that he has already destroyed two schools previous to this one. Through gambles and games, Tomu makes many enemies and friends at the school as he works his way to achieve his goal.

The games above all keep the reader interested, as they take many twists and turns and leave one guessing as to how Tomu pulled off the victory. My only criticism is that it turns into a harem manga after a while and as that may appeal to other crowds, I feel it distracts from the main plot. I did find it funny that one of the main antagonists looks like a Green Goblin knock-off, though. I recommend this manga to anyone who enjoys Liar Game.

Matt Clark is a sophomore cartooning major. He is a golden retriever, woof, woof (though he would rather not be), and has weird obsessions.


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