Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Matt's Good Reads: Tenjō Tenge

Need some black-and-white stimulation? Join Matt Clark  for Matt's Good Reads, where he'll share a bite-sized overview of what he's been reading (and what you should too) on his breaks from the drafting table. This week he recommends...

Tenjō Tenge
by Oh! great
1998-2010 in Japan
22 volumes, published by VIZ in the US

Tenjō Tenge is a 22-volume battle manga by Oh! great (pen name of cartoonist Ōgure Ito), also known for the still ongoing comic Air Gear. The story focuses on the members of the Junken Club in a high school with a curriculum based around the martial arts. This comic's use of elaborate flashbacks in its drawn out story arcs made the plot hard to follow at times, but Ōgure's beautiful illustrations and the varied and interesting cast make up for that. Tenjō Tenge is also heavy on fanservice, featuring plenty of sex and nudity.

The series' vast assortment of unique characters kept me flipping through its pages. One character who still sticks out to me, despite being one of the more obscure characters until the end of the series, was Hirohiko Myouun Kabane. He was a blind fighter who used scented acupuncture needles enfused with his ki to make thousands of swords to fight with. His motivation was to end the work of his ancestor to free himself from his familial obligations and be with his love interest. The series is perky, but I still find it to be a good read.

Matt Clark is a sophomore cartooning major. He is a golden retriever, woof, woof (though he would rather not be), and has weird obsessions.


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