Monday, February 27, 2012

March 2nd - Noodles & Noodles / X-Rated Night

Get ready, Allies, for....


This Friday, 3/2
6:30 - Room 703G

Prepare yourselves for an X-rated night dedicated to watching raunchy anime while slurpin' instant noodles!
 Check under the cut for specifics, coming events, and other business, including information regarding the CA Zine.

We'll be raising the temperature two notches to five, starting with crude comedy Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt before showcasing full-on animated erotica. Yeah, that's right.  

Grab a FREE cup of ramen, laugh it up, feel completely and utterly disturbed and morally violated while pretending to laugh it up, and learn about good consent at our most explicit meeting yet!  

WARNING: Viewing selection may feature animated depictions of sexual abuse and violence. Cartoon Allies is a safe space where fantasy and pretend are recognized as fun and natural aspects of human sexuality. Between real people, consent is essential. Grab a condom and a free "Learning Good Consent" zine after the screen.

Noodles and hot water will all be provided by us. Bringing your own hot sauce is optional. If any hot sauce lands anywhere other than your noodles please take responsibility and use a napkin.

 If you haven't already, please sign up for our mailing list and like us on Facebook.

Coming events:

Saturday, 3/3
    • INK invites you and all your cartooning pals to star as comic-drawing hand models in a promotional video. Free stuff for your time and talent. 8 PM, in the bar set (6th floor of the main building). Be there, or be square.
    Monday, 3/5 to Friday, 3/9
    • Spring Break

    Other business:
    • If you found a Pentel Brushpen at the Draw-Off, please return it to Eric at our next meeting or leave it in the reviews box in the senior studio.
    • Want to see your work distributed in print? CA is developing a new print magazine! Head over to its new webpage for submission info!
    • Keep your eyes on the CA Blog! This week we'll be continuing our look at student-run ways to promote your work, along with more student comic reviews.
    • Do you want publicity for your minicomics? Enter the Mini Reviews Box. Bring your minicomics to our meetings or the Senior Studio to submit them for review on the Cartoon Allies blog. Each week, bloggers Eric and Hayley will randomly select a student's mini from the box and offer readers a preview of the comic and their thoughts. We hope to improve student promotion and give members a space to show their work to a greater audience.
    • If you would like to be listed on our Members page, email your name, year, website url, and 50x50px icon to with the subject line "Active Member [Name]". As we collect a nice group of links, we'll update our long out-of-date Active Members list.
    • If you're interested in helping us distribute Cartoon Allies event posters, let us know by email or at the next meeting.
    • The SVA Library now has access to a new Underground Comix Database. Check it out!
    Stay strong, Allies!

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