Friday, February 3, 2012

Student Comic Review: How to Submit Your Mini

Each week, Eric and Hayley dig into a box of minicomics by SVA students and pull one out to share with the world. Our box is empty, though, so this week Eric will give you a review of...
How to Submit Your Mini to the Cartoon Allies Blog
We established student comic reviews last semester to improve student promotion and give members a space to show their work to a greater audience. However, only a few of you have taken the bait, so we've put together this quick visual guide to help you get your comics to us and to the world.
Our journey begins at the senior cartooning studio on the 7th floor of the E. 22nd St. Building (the same floor we hold Cartoon Allies meetings on)!

 Be sure to be courteous to our hard-working seniors and knock on the door to request entry. Flashing your minicomic or a sign reading "Submitting my minicomic!" in desperation should earn their trust.

Quietly make your way into the lair, where you'll find a hard-to-miss light table. Beneath it, you may recognize...

...a bizarre facsimile of our mascot, Richard Eel, emblazoning a box. Open this magical box to find...
...submission forms!

Fill one of those bad boys out with all of the relevant info for your minicomic. If you have multiple comics, fill one out for each.

Neatly place your filled-out form and accompanying comic on the left side and return the box to where you found it beneath the light table. When you leave the studio, make sure the door locks behind you without it slamming.

We hope to read and discuss your minicomics soon!


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