Monday, May 21, 2012

Announcing the CA Tumblog & Keep It Steady Steady Initiative

We'd like to thank you for helping us make this past year's events such a success. Now that another school year is well behind us, it's time that we jumped right into Cartoon Allies' new summer operations.

First off, Cartoon Allies has launched a tumblog for student promotion. The goal of the CA Tumblog is to promote the work of young School of Visual Arts cartoonists, past and present, to a broad online audience. If you're an SVA student or alum interested in sharing your art on Tumblr or already running your own blog, we invite you to submit your work. Please follow us and help support your peers. In our first weekend, we have already been promoted by SPX, generating a lot of attention from outside the school.

Today we are launching a new program, the Keep It Steady Initiative. The goal of this program it to help keep students and alumni productive over the summer and motivate young cartoonists to maintain short and long-term goals. Based on the tenants of Accountability, Constraint, Critique, and Support, we plan to help you in a variety of ways, including...
  • reminders about approaching deadlines.
  • ...weekly comics prompts for tackling new ideas and working outside your comfort zone.
  • group critique sessions.
  • content on the Cartoon Allies blog for sharing knowledge and resources and promoting student work.
  • ...monthly Spotlight articles on the blog, which share your accomplishments with the world.
All parts of the Initiative are optional. Find out how to register here, and then join the Initiative's Facebook group to keep in touch with other participants. This is our first major summer program, so please participate and give us feedback.

In other news, SVA alumni have put together the Hermit Club for organizing monthly meetings in NYC and sharing work. They are accepting current students and grads.

Let's work together to make this summer the most productive yet and bring attention to our talented student body. Stay strong, Allies!


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