Monday, May 28, 2012

Keep It Steady: Week 1 Challenges

Constraints help give artists direction in a world of infinite possibility, as well as encourage them to tackle subjects and techniques they have trouble with. Each week, Cartoon Allies will offer three constraints to choose from and apply to your work, whether as the basis of a one-page comic or to improve a long-form work. These will take the form of a thematic/narrative constraint, a visual constraint, and an OuBaPoian constraint.

Two of the tenants of the Keep It Steady Initiative are self-improvement and consistently making comics. Starting this week, we will be offering weekly prompts to motivate and challenge you as a cartoonist. We encourage you to choose one of the three constraints to make a one-page comic this week, but feel free to apply these constraints to a longer project; this could help you overcome a problem you're facing by viewing it from a new vantage point. To learn more about the benefits of working with constraints, check out this Wired article.

This week's challenges are:
  • Thematic/Narrative: "Summer"
  • Visual: Only use color pencils
  • Structural/OuBaPoian: Beautiful Outlaw - You cannot use any of the letters in your name in your comic's text
Next week we will feature any comics completed under these constraints on the Cartoon Allies website and tumblog. There are multiple options for submitting comics:


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