Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Newsletter: September 7th

Operation: Pizza Jam
Friday, 9/7 6:30 PM Room 703G
Get ready for a fantastic evening this Friday as we start off the new year with free pizza, mingling, and a rad jam comic session!

Continue below the cut for more info, local events, and art credits!

For those that are newcomers to Cartoon Allies, we'll introduce to you to useful resources and share what Cartoon Allies can do for you. We'll cover SVA's cartooning-related facilities, CA's promotional services, and how to stay active in our fun & spectacular comics community!

Returning students can expect to find old friends and word of new events and guest speakers. Discuss your summer projects, welcome new allies, and submit your minicomics to be sold at the Small Press Expo!

Once you all know what's in store for the upcoming year, we're going to join together for an awesome round of jam comics! Join forces with our newest generation of cartoonists or form a bond with more experienced peers to guide you through your comics journey.

Stick around till the end because the groovy comics fun doesn't stop there. 

Be sure to RSVP and spread the word on Facebook!

A Stronger Community
Cartoon Allies' foundation has always lain in the ties that bind the SVA comics community. As the publishing world becomes a crazier place, it's never been more important for our student body to stand united, share their skills and goals, and help build the support network that will keep us strong well beyond graduation.

Chris Ware: Building Stories
This weekend, an exhibition of cartoonist Chris Ware's work will be debuting at the Adam Baumbold Gallery. Entitled Building Stories, the show will run from September 8th to October 27th. The opening will be held this Saturday from 5 to 8 pm, with Ware in attendance.

Brooklyn Book Festival
On Sunday, September 23rd, Brooklyn will be hosting a book festival involving over 200 authors, including Becky Cloonan, Adrian Tomine, Derek Kirk Kim, and Gilbert & Jaime Hernandez. Check out their schedule for a week's worth of bookend events, starting September 17th.

  1. Peter Schmidt
  2. Wyeth Yates
  3. Kate Drwecka
  4. Emily Kay Jolkovski
  5. Eric Alexander Arroyo
  6. Suzi Glass
  7. Kou Chen


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