Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Newsletter: September 25th

Operation: Mini Comics Tutorial & NYCC Sign Ups!

Friday 9/25  6:30 PM  Room 703G

Howdy Allies! 

Thank you all for coming last week and making gallery night a rousing success! This week we have our annual mini comics tutorial, as well as our NYCC Sign ups! 

Be sure to read below the cut for more information! 
Howdy Allies! 

We'll be going through the ins and outs of mini comic making, from InDesign to printing, and everything in between. And we'll also be opening sign ups for shifts to table with us at NYCC! The sign ups will be online after the meeting, but it is first come first serve, so please keep that in mind! 

For those of you who submitted prints, minis and craftables for SPX, you can pick up your leftover work and profits from us at this Friday's meeting! The deadline to pick up your profits and work is October 2nd, so don't delay!! 

All majors are welcome to participate, so we hope you stop by! Friday 9/25, 6:30 PM, in room 703G of the 380 2nd Ave (library) building.

Don't forget to RSVP and spread the word on Facebook!
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What is Cartoon Allies?

Cartoon Allies is a vital resource for SVA cartoonists & comics enthusiasts. We've thrived for over a decade, uniting our department beyond the classroom and providing a support network for our students.

Here, fellow cartoonists offer each other a wealth of knowledge about our department, SVA, and the real world. Our frequent events bridge the gaps between classes, providing professional and social resources for our student body. We're also a freshman's greatest link to the Cartooning Department during Foundation Year.

New York Comic Con!

Throughout the year, Cartoon Allies attends conventions to sell student work at the SVA table. Our second convention this year will be NYCC from October 9-11th in New York! 

If you'd like to submit work to sell or volunteer with us at the SVA table, attend our meeting on September 25th where we'll be going over all the necessary information! 

Society Of Illustrators Sketch Nights! 

Society Of Illustrators
Tuesday September 22nd
Thursday September 24th
128 E 63rd St
6:30 - 9:30 PM
The Society of Illustrators invites you every Tuesday to their Sketch Nights, featuring live models and theme apparel every Thursday.
For more information on upcoming sketch nights, be sure to check out The Society of Illustrators webpage!


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