Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Newsletter: February 12th

Operation: Art Trading Post

2/12 6:30 PM  Room 703G

Howdy Allies! 

We hope you got a lot of work done last week at work night! This week, the Cartoon Allies will be celebrating Valentines day early with an Art Trading post!

Bring in references of your original characters this week (or a character you like from something), and share the love by drawing gifts for your fellow Allies! 

Be sure to bring drawing supplies, as well as a sketch book you don't mind tearing pages out of! ;) Hopefully by the end of the night, everyone will get to go home with some wonderful gift art!! 

All majors are welcome to participate, so we hope you stop by! Friday 2/12, 6:30 PM, in room 703G of  the 380 2nd Ave (Library) building.

Don't forget to RSVP and spread the word on Facebook!

The Cartoon Allies Facebook Group!

Our Facebook group strives to be a network for allies new and old to share information

(about jobs, art supplies, websites, or otherwise!), ask for critique, and make friends!! We invite all of you to join and post links to keep the Cartoon Allies community strong even outside of meetings. 

INK Spring Submissions! 

Howdy Allies! 

SVA INK is opening up submissions for our spring Issue! We're looking for original comics (not used for a class or posted online), full color, 3-16 pages.

Submissions can be in any form of completion, though you may be asked to edit / change / expand some aspect of the comic by our editors, so please keep that in mind. 

We only have so much space in our magazine, so don't delay!


The INK Staff

Society Of Illustrators Sketch Nights! 

Society Of Illustrators

Tuesday February 9th
Thursday February 11th
128 E 63rd St
6:30 - 9:30 PM

The Society of Illustrators invites you every Tuesday to their Sketch Nights, featuring live models and theme apparel every Thursday.
For more information on upcoming sketch nights, be sure to check out The Society of Illustrators webpage!


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