Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Indy Comic Book Week!

Jambo,  Allies,

Pat here.  Hope everyone is doing well, and enjoyed Pictionary last week.  The winning team (D Dimension, I believe) will receive their movie tickets at the next meeting.

Surely many of you have heard about Indy Comic Book Week already.  Diamond Comic Distributors, one of the biggest comic distributors in the country, has announced that they won't be shipping any books during the last week of December.  That means plenty of shelf space in your local comic shop for YOUR WORK!  It's called the Indy Comic Book Week for a reason!

Here's the official website: http://indycomicbookweek.com/

Talk to your favorite comic shop and ask if they'll carry your mini-comic, especially for that week!  You'd be nuts to let this opportunity slip by, so sharpen up those pencils and START MAKING COMICS!!! :D

Stay Strong, Allies,

- Patrick Woodruff, President of Cartoon Allies