Sunday, November 15, 2009

CARTOONIVAL is Just Around the Corner!

Heya Allies!

Guess what's happening on
Friday, December 4th,
from 6 to 10 PM in the Monkey Bar Lounge?

It's the CARTOONIVAL, Cartoon Allies' carnival fundraiser! Get excited for....

RAFFLES! Rumored prizes include action figures, iDocks, and of course, COMICS! More details upon confirmation. If you have an item that you'd like to donate, please let us know and bring it to next Friday's meeting (the LAST MEETING before the Cartoonival). Cartoon memorabilia and other objects of geekery are sure to be hit. Ask your celebrity teachers to donate an autographed piece of their work!

GAMING! There will be competitive Rock Band. There will be a real old fashioned ball-toss. Additional games are a vivid possibility. We're looking into multiple TVs. If you have controllers or other equipment that you're willing to lend, please do let us know!

BAKE SALE! Expect a delicious array of home-baked goodies.... Red velvet cupcakes, vegan cookies, blondies, and more. Are you a baker too? Got some cupcake toppings hanging around your pantry? We'd love any contribution. (And we can hook you up with an oven.) Oh hey, does anyone have a cotton candy machine?

COMMISSIONS! Twelve of your peers have pledged their time and skill! Spend a few bucks and get an on-the-spot sketch, or commission a more time-intensive art piece to benefit Cartoon Allies.

COMICS! Bring your minis to next Friday's meeting in order to have them sold or distributed at the Cartoonival! (You can choose to keep or donate the proceeds.) We would appreciate your donation of old, worn-out comics for a "50-cents-a-pop" box.

APPEARANCES BY ESPECIALLY AWESOME PEOPLE! To be announced. Any jugglers out there? Magicians? Please talk to any big-name comic artists you may know.

FACE PAINTING? Who would like to volunteer their paint and/or talent?

Posters can be in color (but should work in black & white too).
8.5 X 11 (standard printing paper size) OR 11'' X 17''
Here is a gallery of old carnival posters, for inspiration:
Please email your creations to this address ( or hand them off to a point person by next Friday at the latest.

At next Friday's meeting we will be ironing details, handing out stacks of posters for distribution, and making decorations. Hope to see you there, and thanks for all your hard work!!