Friday, April 2, 2010

24-Hour Comic Day and MoCCA!

It's been a while, Allies...

...And we're sorry for not updating as often as we should. We've just been crazy busy. If you've been coming frequently, you'd know that, and we hopwe you've been having fun, too!

So, two awesome things are coming up, the first of which is tonight!

The event will be in the East 21st street Student Lounge (on the 7th floor) and will go from 6:30 tonight (4-2-10) to 6:30 tomorrow night (4-3-10). Security made us give in a list of people who would be staying for the full 24 hours, so unfortunately, if you didn't sign up last week, you're out of luck. You snooze, you lose. However, we'd love for you to come and watch the beginnings of what could be the most hectic and productive 24 hours of several lives. People not signed in for an overnight will have to leave at 11pm, and can come back beginning at 9am, which might be a blessing in disguise (so you can get some sleep!).

Also important is the MoCCA festival! The festival is April 10th and 11th, and you're welcome to join us at our table there! In fact, if you sign up for a mere hour working at the booth and selling mini-comics, we let you run around the convention the rest of the day FOR FREE! How cool is that?!

As such, next week's meeting will be a time for anyone who can't make it to MoCCA (or will be arriving at the festival later) to drop off their mini-comics so we can put them at the table during set-up. It will also be a mini-comics tutorial night, for those of you unfamiliar with the process. It's guaranteed to be helpful! Finally, we will talk about how to work at the table, yet again for the uninitiated. By the end of that night, you should know everything you'll need to for the big event!

*****If you haven't signed up for a timeslot working at our booth yet, there's still time! Please e-mail and give us your name, e-mail, phone number, and a day(s) and time(s) you would be available to work.*****

The year is winding down, so let's keep the momentum high and blow the lid off of MoCCA!

Stay strong, Allies,

- CA