Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 23rd / Retrospective

Greetings, Allies!
We've kicked off the year by tabling at SPX and swapping minis at our first weekly meeting.  Get ready for our next operation...
Retrospective Night
This Friday - 9/23
6:30 - Room 703G
Bring in your old comic art 
(Yeah, the really embarrassing stuff.) 
along with a sample of current work 
on paper or thumbdrive
(We have a projector!) 

to share and discuss.

THE INTENT is:  NOT a session of schadenfreude / self-humiliation, but rather...
  • to discuss improvement. (Round-table style)
  • to SEE our own growth. (When was the last time you compared old to new?)
  • to humble ourselves before peers of less practice. (Group critique nights coming up!)
  • to glimpse our potential in peers of longer practice.
  • to get to know each other better.
  • to practice talking about our work and our friends' work, critically and constructively!

Future operations:

9/30: Plot and Storytelling Critique
Our first group critique night will focus on pitching and plotting your stories. Come prepared with a draft of your script, thumbnails, outlines, or whatever preliminary ideas materials you have on-hand! Shoot some pitches at your friends and we'll help you clean up that long-winded thesis project or tight one-pager.

10/14-10/16: New York Comic-Con
Make sure to get minicomics and prints ready to adorn our table at NYCC! Volunteering information will be available soon.

Other business:
  • If you're interested in helping us distribute Cartoon Allies event posters, let us know by email or at the next meeting.
  • Check out Kou Chen's SPX 2011 report at the Cartoon Allies blog.
  • Also, if you received a copy of Eric's mini Nuclear Fiction v1.1 last meeting, it might be missing a few pages! Bring it back this Friday and he'll fix it for you.
Stay strong, Allies!


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