Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 30th / Group Critiques

Greetings, Allies!
We've kicked off the year by tabling at SPX, swapping minis at our first weekly meeting, and getting acquainted with our histories last Friday night. Let's get ready for our next operation...

Group Critiques
This Friday - 9/30
6:30 - Room 703G

Our first group critique night will focus on pitching and plotting your stories. Come prepared with a draft of your script, thumbnails, outlines, ideas, or any in-progress materials you have on-hand! Shoot some pitches at your friends and we'll help you clean up that long-winded thesis project or tight one-page.

Even if you don't have work, come and help your friends with constructive criticism!
Coming events:

9/27: Kate Beaton @ Housing Works (7 PM)

9/28: Neal Adams @ Jim Hanley's Universe (6 PM)

10/13-10/16: New York Comic-Con
Be sure to get minicomics and prints ready to adorn our table at NYCC! Volunteering information will be available soon.

Other business:
Stay strong, Allies!



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