Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 13th - Stress Management Night

The turn-out for last week's meeting was spectacular! 703G was a chaotic mess of excitement. While we loved the frenetic gathering, this week, we hope to create a much calmer atmosphere with...

From Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life by Bryan Lee O'Malley
This Friday, 4/13
6:30 - Room 703G

We're nearing the end of the school year, and it's never been more important to take a deep breath, relax, and put things in perspective. 
Join us for free tea, carpal tunnel prevention exercises, and a soothing night free of panic. 
Check under the cut for updates regarding Fresh Meat and MoCCA Fest registration, along with other news and events.

As we struggle through the most stressful time of the year, it's important for us to come together and catch a break. This week's meeting will be a free-form get-together for students to take a night away from their responsibilities. We will be offering free tea (we recommend that you bring your own mug) and offer tutorials on exercises to keep your hand in shape while working for long periods. We also invite you to discuss time and stress management methods with your peers through a cozy stress relief Q&A board on the wall.

We're so close to the final goal! Come recharge with us so we can tackle these challenges with renewed vigor!

We will also be opening MoCCA Fest volunteer registration at this meeting. If you already have minicomics to be sold at the convention, please bring them with you!

Fresh Meat and Digital Projection Comix Reading Updates:

The Digital Projection Comix Reading is next week! Because the amphitheater is closed for renovations and we're focused on Fresh Meat and MoCCA Fest, this will be a smaller affair than usual, taking place in room 703G. Please follow this link to learn how to submit your comic.

Fresh Meat online registration will open on Thursday, April 14th, at 9PM. A link will be emailed to all Allies on the mailing list when registration opens, and it will also be posted on Facebook and Twitter. Space is extremely limited, so schedule yourself to be ready by 9.

If you are registering for a group (of two or three exhibitors), make sure you have the email address, cellphone number, website, and debuting minicomic title (if applicable) prepared for each exhibitor. Also, think up a group name ahead of time!

Coming events:

Wednesday, 4/11
Friday, 4/13
Friday, 4/20
Friday, 4/27
  • Fresh Meat
Saturday, 4/28, through Sunday, 4/29


Other business:
  • Do you want publicity for your minicomics? Enter the Mini Reviews Box. Bring your minicomics to our meetings or the Senior Studio to submit them for review on the Cartoon Allies blog. Each week, bloggers Eric and Hayley will randomly select a student's mini from the box and offer readers a preview of the comic and their thoughts. We hope to improve student promotion and give members a space to show their work to a greater audience.
  • If you would like to be listed on our Members page, email your name, year, website url, and 50x50px icon to with the subject line "Active Member [Name]". As we collect a nice group of links, we'll update our long out-of-date Active Members list.
  • If you're interested in helping us distribute Cartoon Allies event posters, let us know by email or at the next meeting. We need help distributing posters for the Fresh Meat festival!
  • The SVA Library now has access to a new Underground Comix Database. Check it out!
Stay strong, Allies!

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