Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 20th - Live Comix Open Mic

We hope that last week's tea party prepared you for the final gauntlet of the year! With Fresh Meat and MoCCA Fest looming at the end of the month, Cartoon Allies is giving you another chance to catch a break this Friday with our...

Emily Kay Jay's Blisterfish during last semester's reading
This Friday, 4/20
6:30 - Room 703G

We're celebrating the end of the semester with a laid-back digital projection comics reading.
Join us for a fun, relaxing, and often hilarious event where cartoonists grab a mic and read their comics out loud!
Check under the cut for updates regarding Fresh Meat and MoCCA Fest registration, along with other news and events.

This semester, we'll be meeting in room 703G (E 22nd St Building) for a cozy reading. We invite everyone to bring in their own work on a flash drive to share in a theatrical manner.   

Got stage fright? Try to con other attendees to read your comic? Don't got anything to show? Come watch our sequential art spectacle, and maybe even lend someone your voice!  If you plan on participating, we would appreciate it if you submitted your comic ahead of time (see instructions below).  

Watch the theatrics! Share your comics! Invite your non-cartoonist buddies to take a break from finals!

If you're presenting a comic, please follow these specifications:  
  1. Please submit your files in a zipped folder emailed to cartoonallies@gmail.com with the subject line "Spring 2012 DPCR: [Name]" OR bring the files (unzipped) on a flash drive  
  2. Files must be JPGs, GIFs, or PNGs at 72 dpi, should be no larger than 1024 pixels wide or 768 tall, and named in chronological order (e.g. xxx01.jpg, xxx02.jpg, xxx03.jpg).   
  3. Panel-by-panel sequences, as opposed to full pages, are strongly advised. You can use photoshop to crop and chop your pages into single panel images. It makes the reading smoother and more fun!  
  4. You will have a 5 minute time limit.   

  • TIP: If you're submitting a comic and need another voice help you out in a Digital Reading Duet or even a chorus of people so you can have a new voice for each character, start thinking about who you're going to ask for help! That classmate who reads in that Awesome Reading Voice? Better ask sooner rather than later.

MoCCA Fest and Fresh Meat Updates
MoCCA Fest:

MoCCA Fest volunteer registration is open!  Follow the link to sign up. Volunteers will work the School of Visual Arts booth to help sell student minicomics and promote the school, and will be rewarded with free access to the convention. If you haven't worked the booth before, no sweat! An experienced Cartoon Allies officer will always be stationed at the table to show you the ropes.

If you are selling your minicomics at MoCCA Fest, you may begin submitting them at this Friday's meeting. If you miss the meeting, you may leave your comics at the Senior Cartooning Studio (following a similar process as student comic review submissions). Be sure to leave an extra copy in the Mini Reviews Box to have your work promoted on the CA Blog! If you will be taking your minicomics directly to the convention, you MUST still fill out a drop-off form in the Senior Studio before Friday night. If your minicomic is not listed on the printed out tally sheet, WE CANNOT SELL IT.

Fresh Meat:

Fresh Meat exhibitor registration is officially closed. Tables filled up at an alarming rate this year, and the Monkey Bar Lounge is set to be packed. We look forward to seeing you all at our biggest comics event, and we invite anyone who didn't get a table to still come out and  promote your work in the lounge.

Fresh Meat Poster Contest:

The Fresh Meat Poster Contest (for a Desert Island gift certificate) ends Monday, 4/23! Be sure to get your poster out by then, and we'll give out the prize at Fresh Meat!

Coming events:

Friday, 4/20
Friday, 4/27
  • Fresh Meat
Saturday, 4/28, through Sunday, 4/29


Other business:
  • Do you want publicity for your minicomics? Enter the Mini Reviews Box. Bring your minicomics to our meetings or the Senior Studio to submit them for review on the Cartoon Allies blog. Each week, bloggers Eric and Hayley will randomly select a student's mini from the box and offer readers a preview of the comic and their thoughts. We hope to improve student promotion and give members a space to show their work to a greater audience.
  • If you would like to be listed on our Members page, email your name, year, website url, and 50x50px icon to cartoonallies@gmail.com with the subject line "Active Member [Name]". As we collect a nice group of links, we'll update our long out-of-date Active Members list.
  • If you're interested in helping us distribute Cartoon Allies event posters, let us know by email or at the next meeting. We need help distributing posters for the Fresh Meat festival!
  • The SVA Library now has access to a new Underground Comix Database. Check it out!
Stay strong, Allies!

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