Monday, December 3, 2012

Fall 2012 Digital Projection Comix Reading

Continuing a tradition started by Tom Hart, Cartoon Allies is wrapping up the semester with a public event on December 14th (from 3:30 to 6:30 PM)!

Join us for a fun, relaxing, and often hilarious event where cartoonists grab a mic and read their comics out loud!
Poster by Bethany Torres

Hosted in the SVA Amphitheater (209 East 23rd Street, 3rd Floor), the Digital Projection Comix Reading  is a performance in which student comics are broken down into individual panels and projected on the big screen. Students, faculty, and alumni are equipped with microphones and perform dialogue and sound effects, bringing new life to their comics.

Got stage fright? Try to con other attendees to read your comic. Don't got anything to show? Come watch our sequential art spectacle, and maybe even lend someone your voice!  If you plan on participating, we would appreciate it if you submitted your comic ahead of time (see instructions below).  

Watch the theatrics! Share your comics! Invite your non-cartoonist buddies to take a break from finals!

If you're presenting a comic, please follow these specifications:  
  1. Please submit your files in a zipped folder emailed to with the subject line "Fall 2012 DPCR: [Name]" by Wednesday, December 12th OR bring the files (unzipped) on a flash drive to our meeting on December 7th.
  2. Files must be JPGs, GIFs, or PNGs at 72 dpi, should be no larger than 1024 pixels wide or 768 tall, and named in chronological order (e.g. xxx01.jpg, xxx02.jpg, xxx03.jpg).   
  3. Panel-by-panel sequences, as opposed to full pages, are strongly advised. You can use photoshop to crop and chop your pages into single panel images. It makes the reading smoother and more fun!  
  4. You will have a 5 minute time limit.   
  • TIP: If you're submitting a comic and need another voice help you out in a Digital Reading Duet or even a chorus of people so you can have a new voice for each character, start thinking about who you're going to ask for help! That classmate who reads in that Awesome Reading Voice? Better ask sooner rather than later.
Don't forget to RSVP and spread the word on Facebook!


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