Monday, December 3, 2012

Newsletter: December 7th

Operation: The Draw Off!

Friday 12/7  6:30 PM Room 703G

Get your markers ready... get set... DRAW!!!

Greetings Allies!  This Friday it's time for some rounds of fun drawing where you can scribble your burdens away!  No need to think about anything... except for the competition!

Continue below the cut for more info!

Each round of the Draw Off starts with three contestants with marker in hand and a big pad of paper.  Lined up in front, the three will be timed while they draw their best rendition of a randomly chosen "scene" written by the audience.  The one with the audience's favorite drawing of the scene wins!  We repeat until the scenes are all drawn.

The prize is well-earned pride in a fan-favorite doodle.

See you all there!

We would also like to direct everyone to the information below on the New Voices in Comic Art Exhibition!  Please check out the event and support the artists who are being featured in the show!  Many of them are our fellow Allies and we'd like to show our full support!

Don't forget to RSVP and spread the word on Facebook!

Student Comics Review

Remember, Allies! We run a series of Student Comic Reviews on our Cartoon Allies blog! Submit a copy of your comic into the Student Comics Review box in the Senior Studio to have a blog post written about your work next.  We aim to promote your work to the world, so go ahead and submit to us!

New Voices in Comic Art Exhibition

Filled with the most recent graduates from SVA's Cartooning Department, this new exhibit at Ouchi Gallery shows off the new talents that the comic world have to offer.  This is an exciting event that is definitely worth visiting! Check out the event's website and facebook for more info!

Digital Projection Live Comix Reading

Are you ready for a splendid night of laughter and good times? Come to the Live Comix Reading! Bring a friend! Submit and read your comics aloud! Very soon you can find submission information on our website, so get those comics ready for show! RSVP to the event now!


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